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perguntas frequentes

Do I have to pay every year?

All our software is licensed domain-wide and is available for a lifetime of use. That's why you pay for one time.

Do you make install?

The installation process is very easy. It does not have extreme and complex operations. There are instructions in the setup file. If you want us to do the installation process, this is done at an additional cost.

I Can it install on different domains?

Our software is licensed as a domain, you need to buy the product again for each domain. The ordered script is licensed to the domain specified in the order. After the script installation is complete, no domain changes are made.

Can I change my license later?

Licenses past 1 month from the order date are not changed. However, we can change the extension of the same domain as you like. For example: .net will then change to .com.

I Can upload my own server?

Of course. However, your hosting service must meet the "server requirements" specified on the product introduction page.

Are you provide technical support?

We provide technical support for any problems, errors or disruptions that may be associated with the standard operation of our products. Apart from that, you need to get paid support for all the issues.

How long will it be delivered?

Orders made by credit card are automatically confirmed and your account is defined. Orders paid by bank transfer are approved within the same day.

How is delivery made?

Once your order is confirmed, your download link is automatically defined for your customer account.

Do you accept payment by Credit Card?

Of course. You can pay all your payments by credit card.

Can I pay as a bank transfer?

Of course you can. All you have to do is to select the payment option during the order as Bank Transfer.

Do you make additional modules and arrangements?

Special requests are made with a fee. Please contact us in this regard.

Do you make refund?

Unfortunately. Our software is domain-licensed and is in the form of file delivery and is non-refundable. For this reason, please examine our demo presentations in detail.

Can I run the software in a subfolder or subdomain?

You can run our software in the subfolder of your site. But you can not operate it as a subdomain. A license can be defined either as a subdomain or as a main domain. In addition, dragging / dropping is sufficient to move from the subdirectory to the main directory.


Escolha o local onde deseja guardar a sua informação No seu PC, em rede local ou na Cloud.


Escolha a base de dados que mais se adequa às suas necessidades: Mysql, Maria DB.


Uma equipa de 12 Engenheiros Programadores Séniors garantem uma política de zero falhas. Qualquer “bug” detectado é corrigido no mesmo dia e disponibilizada a actualização on-line


Nunca mais fique com o software desatualizado. O XD liga-se em automático à internet e auto atualiza-se para a última versão existente.


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